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In Nursery we practice our writing skills with two special fun sessions a week.  In these we practice our fine motor skills and pencil control.  We take part in 'Dough Disco' once a week. This helps strengthen our hand muscles by playing with playdough in a fun way with musical accompaniment!


In Reception we write four times a week in small groups.  In these sessions we work with the teacher or teaching assistant and practice different skills needed for writing. Through the course of the year we will work on developing fine motor control and achieving a good handwriting style.  We will learn to write words and sentences and begin to use punctuation.

Everybody Write Project


Each half term we will be taking part in am 'Everybody Write Project'. This is to create enjoyment in writing for all children. Each project will include fun hands on investigations to aid early writing skills.


Autumn 1 - UFO landing


Check out the PDFs of what happened when the UFO was spotted on the school CCTV.

Autumn 2 - Santa's sleigh crash!
Spring 1 - Chocolate Cake!

Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen

Still image for this video
This was our inspiration for writing about chocolate cake! The children love this video of the author Michael Rosen talking about eating chocolate cake. We introduced the project on National Chocolate Cake day!

Spring 2 - Teddy Bears Picnic


This half term our writing project was inspired by our PSE work.  We decided to work around the theme of a teddy bears picnic and to look at writing invitations, shopping lists and instructions.  We walked to a local shop to get the ingredients to make sandwiches and wrote invitations inviting our families to a picnic.  We had a great time with this theme and even when it started to rain we still had fun and had our picnics in our classrooms instead!

Summer 1 - Magical writing day.

We had a magical writing day in May.  We mad potions and labelled our bottles, wrote spells and secret messages using UV pens.  We all dressed up and had a very magical day!