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Sutton Education Trust Muschamp Primary School and Language Opportunity Base

Muschamp Primary School and Language Opportunity Base

To Excellence and Beyond



PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education is a crucial part of a child’s education. It gives children access to critical information about themselves and the many facets of the diverse world around them. The intent of the PSHE curriculum at Muschamp Primary School is to teach children concepts including; where they can get help and how to help themselves. Keeping themselves healthy mentally and physically. Understanding society and how to be a valuable citizen in society. To be able to risk assess situations for themselves and make informed choices.

 There is a spiral curriculum approach to all children’s learning. Resources and scheme drawn from JIGSAW. These are reproached each year with greater detail and in greater depth. The scheme fits the national objectives well but we have found that it enables our teaches to teach stronger PSHE sessions and our children become so familiar with the format of a PSHE lesson that they are able to articulate their learning far greater. 



PSHE at Muschamp is taught by class teachers in Years R-6. Some PSHE topics are taught within other subjects, especially Computing, Maths and Science, for example the teaching of e-safety within computing lessons. The curriculum is completely covered by the Jigsaw PSHE learning scheme. Jigsaw offers a mindful approach to exploring PSHE themes in depth but at children’s own levels.  Muschamp Primary’s curriculum has also been developed to meet the specific needs of our diverse learners and their communities, and support the many aspects of their personal development. This includes taking into consideration children’s learning needs (EHCP) and their own lived experiences. 

Children will experience the same umbrella topic every year and those themed umbrellas are: 

  • Being Me In My World 
  • Celebrating Difference 
  • Dreams and Goals 
  • Healthy Me 
  • Relationships (SRE) 
  • Changing Me (SRE)



The impact of a robust and thorough PSHE curriculum cannot be understated. Holistically, it forms the preparation for adult life, enabling children to understand and face the challenges, complexities and questions that arise in the diverse communities that our children mature into. 

At Muschamp Primary School, we recognise and champion each child’s voice, and their individual experience of PSHE education. Pupil voice, and lesson contributions/ ideas displayed via floor books, will form the heart of how we measure the impact of the teaching and learning of PSHE. 

A snapshot of skills that children at Muschamp Primary School can expect to explore through PSHE learning are: 

  • An understanding of their unconditional and universal rights, and how and why these rights should be and can be protected. 
  • An understanding of our diverse communities, and an empathy and respect for the rights of all individuals. 
  • Positive and respectful communication skills. 
  • Resilience and self-regulation, and a keen understanding of their own health and wellbeing, especially supporting their mental and emotional development. 
  • What are the consequences for one’s own actions and how this can impact on a person in an ever-changing society?