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Home learning




In Reception children have home reading books.  Children are expected to share their book at home at least five times a week.  When children first receive their books in the Autumn term they will have books without words.  These are designed to help children develop their book handling skills and story telling skills.  As their skills progress they will get books with words to share at home.


In Reception we want to encourage everyone to read at home as much as possible.  We reward children that read at home with reading celebrations.  Please see the link below for previous reading celebrations we have held.


In Nursery children are able to choose a book to share at home.  They are expected to draw a picture in their reading diary related to the book they have chosen.


Shared reading in Reception


In the Reception classes we have shared reading every week.  Each class will have a different story to explore.  In these sessions children will explore the story through reading and re-reading, retelling, role play and activities.  The stories are all good quality and introduce the children to a variety of well-known stories over the year.

Read aloud books


In Nursery and Reception there are read aloud boxes filled with high quality children's books.  These are books that the children will read many times in class.  They will become very familiar with them and will be able to retell these stories confidently.