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Sutton Education Trust Muschamp Primary School and Language Opportunity Base

Muschamp Primary School and Language Opportunity Base

To Excellence and Beyond



At our school, we have a clear intent for Computing education. We are committed to providing our students with a high-quality, comprehensive education in Computing that equips them with the knowledge, skills, and understanding they need to be active participants in our digital world. Our intent is based on the belief that Computing is a vital subject that supports the development of computational thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills, and digital literacy.

Our intent is to ensure that our students:

•Develop a deep understanding of the principles and concepts of Computer Science, Information Technology, and Digital Literacy.

•Become proficient in using a range of digital tools, devices, and software confidently and effectively.

•Become proficient in using our scheme Purple Mash which has a variety of tools that can be used across many devices.

•Learn how to program and code, fostering their ability to think logically and systematically.

•Develop digital literacy skills, including critical evaluation of online information and understanding of online safety.

•Develop a creative and innovative mind set, using Computing as a tool for creating, designing, and problem-solving.

•Apply their Computing knowledge, skills, and understanding across a wide range of subjects and real-life situations.



To effectively implement our intent for Computing, we employ a range of strategies and practices.

High-Quality Curriculum

We have a well-planned, progressive Computing curriculum using Purple Mash that covers the key concepts and objectives outlined in the National Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to ensure continuity and progression in students' Computing education throughout their primary years. It provides a balance between theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experiences, engaging students effectively.

Qualified and Skilled Staff

Our staff members have received appropriate training and professional development to deliver the Computing curriculum. They are knowledgeable about the subject and possess the necessary skills to teach Computing effectively. We encourage our staff to stay updated with the latest technological advancements and pedagogical approaches in Computing education.

Purposeful and Engaging Lessons

We ensure that our Computing lessons are purposeful and engaging for our students. Lessons are carefully planned to encourage active learning, exploration, and student engagement. We make use of a variety of teaching strategies, including group work, practical activities, and problem-solving tasks, to develop both collaborative and independent learning skills.

Cross-Curricular Links

We promote cross-curricular links to enable students to apply their Computing knowledge and skills in other subjects. Computing is integrated into different areas of the curriculum, such as mathematics, PSHE, design and technology, and art. This approach helps students see the relevance and practical applications of Computing in different contexts.

Digital Resources and Infrastructure

We provide our students with access to a range of digital resources and tools. This infrastructure includes devices, such as computers, laptops, VR headsets and tablets, as well as appropriate software and internet connectivity.

Online Safety and Digital Citizenship

We place great emphasis on teaching our students about online safety and digital citizenship. We have a comprehensive program in place called Internet Guardians that educates students about responsible and ethical use of technology, understanding privacy settings, and managing online relationships. We collaborate with parents and guardians to ensure that consistent messages regarding online safety are communicated both in school and at home via Dojo weekly.



Our approach to Computing education has had a significant impact on our students, as evidenced by various indicators and assessments.

Attainment and Progress

Our students consistently demonstrate excellent levels of attainment and progress in Computing. They achieve the expected standards and, in many cases, surpass them. We track their progress closely through our assessment table and our online marking and progress tracking on Purple Mash. Through this we are able to identify any gaps or areas for improvement, providing support to help individual students achieve their potential.

Student Engagement and Enjoyment

Our students are highly engaged and enthusiastic about their Computing lessons. They actively participate in classroom activities, demonstrating a passion for the subject. We foster a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable taking risks, experimenting, and collaborating with their peers.

Transferable Skills

Our students are equipped with a range of transferable skills that they can apply in various contexts. They are confident in their ability to use technology effectively to solve problems, communicate, research, and present information. These skills not only support their academic progress but also contribute to their personal development and future employability.

Online Safety and Digital Citizenship

Our focus on online safety and digital citizenship has empowered our students to navigate the online world safely and responsibly. We promote a culture of good digital citizenship within our school community, ensuring that our students understand the potential risks and know how to protect themselves. This equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to stay safe online both during their time at our school and beyond.

Wider Impact

Our outstanding Computing provision has had a wider impact on our school community. Parents and guardians are actively involved in their children's Computing education, supporting their learning at home and taking an interest in the subject. 


Our intent for Computing at our school is underpinned by a robust implementation strategy and has shown a significant impact on our students' attainment, engagement, and digital literacy. We continue to review and adapt our provision to keep pace with technological advancements and ensure that our students are prepared for the digital world they will encounter in their future education and careers.