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To Excellence and Beyond

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Miss Westley Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs. Anderson - Deputy Head / Curriculum Lead
Picture 3 Mrs. Causton - Assistant Head / SEN Lead
Picture 4 Miss Redstone Deputy Head
Picture 5 Miss Brooks - Early Years Lead
Picture 6 Miss Cruickshank Class Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs. Jones Class Teacher
Picture 8 Miss Green Class Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs. Hamilton Class Teacher
Picture 10 Mrs. Celino Class Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs. Phillips Class Teacher
Picture 12 Miss Conway Class Teacher
Picture 13 Miss Lyndon Language Base Teacher
Picture 14 Miss Doncaster Class Teacher
Picture 15 Miss Gingell Class Teacher
Picture 16 Miss Catchpole Class Teacher
Picture 17 Mr. Cameron Class Teacher
Picture 18 Miss Honeybun ClassTeacher
Picture 19 Miss Bilska Class Teacher
Picture 20 Miss Phillips Class Teacher KP1 Lead
Picture 21 Miss Roberts - English Lead Class Teacher
Picture 22 Miss Jenkins Class Teacher
Picture 23 Miss Harrison Class Teacher
Picture 24 Mrs. Keefe - Assessment & Language Base Teacher
Picture 25 Miss Bowden LOB Teacher
Picture 26 Ms. Hodge Class Teacher
Picture 27 Miss Mealor LOB Teacher
Picture 28 Mr. Keefe KP2 and Maths Lead Class Teacher
Picture 29 Mrs. Harvey Class Teacher
Picture 30 Mr. Agnew Class Teacher P.E. Lead
Picture 31 Miss Walter Teaching Assistant
Picture 32 Miss Boyle Teaching Assistant
Picture 33 Mrs. Sear Teaching Assistant
Picture 34 Mrs. Leatt Teaching Assistant
Picture 35 Mrs. Brimson Teaching Assistant
Picture 36 Ms. Nicol - Designated Safeguard Lead, FSW
Picture 37 Mr. Anderson Teaching Assistant
Picture 38 Mrs. Ayres Teaching Assistant
Picture 39 Miss Edwards Teaching Assistant
Picture 40 Mrs. McAllister Teaching Assistant
Picture 41 Mrs. Sweetman Teaching Assistant
Picture 42 Miss Kelly Teaching Assistant
Picture 43 Mrs. Smith Teaching Assistant
Picture 44 Mr. Love Teaching Assistant
Picture 45 Ms. Zibarova Teaching Assistant
Picture 46 Mrs. Powell Teaching Assistant
Picture 47 Mrs. Pilkington Teaching Assistant
Picture 48 Miss Woodham Language Base Teacher
Picture 49 Miss Wynne Teaching Assistant
Picture 50 Mrs.Jenkins Teaching Assistant
Picture 51 Mrs. Spittle Teaching Assistant
Picture 52 Mrs. Howard Teaching Assistant
Picture 53 Mrs. Pearce Teaching Assistant
Picture 54 Mrs. De Freitas Teaching Assistant
Picture 55 Ms. Blake Teaching Assistant

Office and Administration Staff

Office and Administration Staff 1 Mrs. Seccombe School Business Manager
Office and Administration Staff 2 Ms. Hobbs Office Staff
Office and Administration Staff 3 Mrs. Bollington Office Staff
Office and Administration Staff 4 Ms. Skan Office Staff
Office and Administration Staff 5 Miss McNamara Office Staff

Out of School Clubs

Out of School Clubs 1 Mr Anderson Breakfast Club Manager
Out of School Clubs 2 Ms. Procter After School Club Manager

Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisors 1 Ms Procter
Midday Supervisors 2 Mrs Dixon
Midday Supervisors 3 Mrs Clarke
Midday Supervisors 4 Mrs Dean
Midday Supervisors 5 Mrs Horton
Midday Supervisors 6 Ms Clarke
Midday Supervisors 7 Ms Duah
Midday Supervisors 8 Mrs Jeyagnanaratnam
Midday Supervisors 9 Mrs Wallder
Midday Supervisors 10 Mrs Glynn
Midday Supervisors 11 Ms Azemi
Midday Supervisors 12 Ms Carson-Browne
Midday Supervisors 13 Ms Cologan
Midday Supervisors 14 Ms Jenkins

Speech Therapists

Speech Therapists 1 Mrs Stevens Speech Therapist
Speech Therapists 2 Ms Raby Speech Therapist

Site Management

Site Management 1 Mr. R. Norman