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Stockholm (Reception)

Welcome to Stockholm Class


Our class teacher is Miss Blight and our teaching assistant is Miss Boyle. We have lots of fun at school by learning through play, have a look at us exploring outside, building in the construction area, learning our numbers, improving our fine motor skills and writing.


Each day we learn Phonics and we do Fun Time reading, we write and we are becoming masters in our maths too.

Miss Blight - Class Teacher

Miss Blight - Class Teacher 1

Miss Boyle -Teaching Assistant



We have PE on a Friday morning so please ensure your child has their PE kit at school for that day!


Getting changed can be quite busy with some of the children managing to lose trousers or jumpers to the other side of the classroom...please can you label all of your child's clothes before you send them in. This makes it much easier to find missing pieces of clothes.



Autumn 1

We are learning about movement (balance), we have been practising moving balance. we went to he circus and became tightrope was lots of fun and we had to be careful not to fall off.  Then we had fun pretending we were statues at the museum and keeping still and balancing on one leg and other body parts.


Autumn 2

In P.E we are learning 'Ball Games' we are learning  to roll, bounce and catch small soft balls and big soft bouncy balls. we are working hard on keeping our eyes on the ball.

Circus fun

Circus fun 1
Circus fun 2
Circus fun 3
Circus fun 4
Circus fun 5
Circus fun 6
Circus fun 7
Circus fun 8
Circus fun 9
Circus fun 10
Circus fun 11
Circus fun 12
Circus fun 13

Write dance - We love writing and making shapes in the air and on paper.

Write dance - We love writing and making shapes in the air and on paper. 1



We just love to read in Stockholm Class; we love listening to class stories, sharing books with our friends, drawing story maps and sharing books with our friends. Take a look at some of us sharing a book with our friends.


Reading 1
Reading 2
Reading 3

Our Class Topics


This year we will be learning about certain topics such as

Autumn 1 - Autumn

Autumn 2 - Festivals (Diwali, fireworks night and Christmas time)

Spring 1 - Winter (The Artic, cold weather and melting and freezing) and Chinese New Year.

Spring 2 - Growing (Plants, animals and people)

Summer 1 - Minibeasts

Summer 2 - People who help us


Watch this space to see what we have learnt or click below to see some pictures of us learning and the amazing things we get up to in Stockholm Class. (Photos to come soon!)