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Starting Early Years

Transition events in the Early Years


Summer activities


We have two transition afternoons for children starting Nursery in the Autumn .  Prospective families can come and get familiar with Nursery and chat to staff and other families.


We have one transition afternoon for Reception children starting in September.  Prospective families can come and play in the Reception classrooms and garden.  The staff will be around to talk to you and there will be opportunities to get advice if you have any concerns about your child starting 'Big School'!

Autumn activities


Nursery children have a choice of home or nursery visits to chat with the class teacher.  This is an important time for information sharing and sharing any concerns you may have.


Reception children gradually build up to full days at school over the course of a fortnight or so.  They begin with leaving before lunch, then stay for lunch and go home after.  This helps them to cope with the new experiences without becoming overloaded.