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To Excellence and Beyond

About Muschamp Primary School

'To Excellence and Beyond'


At Muschamp we are committed to inclusive education and ensure that all pupils receive their education entitlement as well as meeting their social and emotional needs.


Every child who would benefit from SEN provision receives appropriate support which may involve the use of outside agencies when required.


We have a 52 place provision for children who are statemented for specific Speech and Language difficulties. These children are included in classes throughout the school and have access to specialist teachers and assistants for small group work and onsite Speech and Language therapy.


  • We encourage children to develop lively, independent enquiring minds.
  • We develop the children’s ability to apply themselves to multi-disciplinary tasks.
  • We encourage children to question and argue rationally.
  • We encourage children to pursue cultural, sporting, physical pr academic challenges.
  • We address the emotional, spiritual and moral dimensions of each individual.
  • We develop each Child’s ability to care for each other and the environment.
  • We encourage positive behavior and self motivation.


Muschamp Primary School provides a rich curriculum that meets the needs of each pupil, ranging from Numeracy and English to creative arts and knowledge of the world. We develop the children’s ability to be independent and collaborative learners by developing their skills as well as their knowledge and understanding so that they can apply their learning with confidence.


The central element of our curriculum is the development of co-operative learning strategies such as active listening; Think, Pair, Share; Task Completion and Helping Others.


We also use accelerated learning techniques including breaking up lessons with short physical activities, kinesthetic learning, mind mapping and thinking skills.


We offer a range of after school clubs and activities to both enrich the curriculum and broaden and develop the children’s talents.


Muschamp Primary School is a member of the   

                Sutton Education Trust.

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