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To Excellence and Beyond


     Our KS1 teacher is Miss Lyndon.
Miss Bolton, Miss Lyndon and Mrs McAllister
  all run sessions with Reception.


 Our teaching assistants are Miss Thompson,  
   Mrs Parry and Mr Anderson (Rec,)
Miss Walter (Year 1) and 
Mrs Smith (Year 2.) 


We learn to count, describe, measure, perform mathematical operations and solve problems.



Through our love of books, we learn to listen, read, respond, describe, understand order and put on confident performances. We love to retell stories and write our own using ideas from the author.    




Base Sessions

London Class is part of Muschamp's Speech and Language Base.
This means we have some sessions to work on things in addition to the usual school 


We spend time improving our fine and gross-motor skills. 




Our teachers work with our speech therapists to help us work on our attention, listening and speaking skills. We learn new vocabulary to describe things, sentence structure, how to categorise things, and to understand language concepts such as same/different.
We also have sessions to improve our 'social skills' - things like keeping safe, expressing our feelings, caring for others, sharing with peers and resolving conflict.



Sometimes we need help to process all the sensory input involved in everyday life. In London Class we have regular 'Sensory Sessions' which involve a balance of stimulation and relaxation.
We also have lots of exposure to new and different textures, smells and tastes.


In our free-choice time, we are encouraged to join role-play games to develop our imagination and ability to respond to others. 


We look after our garden and the living creatures we meet.